New beginnings for Sendra at Manipur's Loktak Lake

For the longest time, from the early 1980s to about two years ago, the Sendra hillock at Manipur's Loktak Lake, one of the largest freshwater lakes in India, had only a modest government bungalow as its main attraction. Now a private hotel chain has taken over and things have improved a lot.

Sendra overlooks Loktak Lake in both front and back. 

This is a popular hand fishing tool in Manipur. To catch a small fish in shallow water, you bring this bamboo basket down hard and fast into the water and pin the fish inside. Then you put your hand into the hole on top of the basket and catch the slippery fish. Simple.

Manipur in election mode. There's a BJP government in the state.

Rice is a staple in Manipur.

On Imphal-Moirang highway.

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