Update: New mural at Lodhi Art District

This mural at the Lodhi Art District in central Delhi was made by Do and Khatra. It is the latest addition to over 50 murals painted by street artists from around the world with support from Start India Foundation (St+art India).

The group says this mural is about the differences and similarities between rural and urban India.

"As usual, their approach to the wall is very old school despite their young age. Each artwork by the Indian duo is a unique piece which constantly evolves as they spend more time at the wall. Often initial design elements are changed, or newer ones added into the composition as they respond to the space they are working in," says St+art India.

I find this mural is a bit muted compared to most of the street art here. Maybe that's because they are yet to add the final touches.

See the entire 52 murals here.

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