New Delhi World Book Fair, 2019: The 1996 Good Weekend Guide and Gita Press

Pragati Maidan, the venue of the New Delhi World Book Fair, 2019, is divided into two sections - Hindi and English. Publishers of books in other languages are included in the Hindi section.

Delhi's reading public. The visitors at the Delhi book fair include people who are about to hit the cut-off age while preparing for central government exams. The stalls of competitive textbook and sample paper publishers were giving heavy discount. 

A hawker sells dreams. Many are called, few are chosen, some will go to Kota and... end of story.

At least 40 per cent of the stalls in the Hindi hall belong to publishers who sell religious and spiritual self-help books, if you can trust an eyeball count, that is. It perhaps tells something about the times we live in.

Someone has quit the book fair midway.

Some of the stalls in the English section have books that are way past their shelf-life for cheaper than even throwaway prices. The ones on the table here are going at Rs 100 per four titles. Yes, four books for Rs 100. Such hardcover books, however, would make for great decoration set-pieces at home. For example, if you are running a bed and breakfast place and need to make it look cooler, these books would come in handy. Stuff them on the walls like there is no tomorrow and you have got the look. Or if you simply want to add an intelligence factor in your drawing room for guests to imagine.