Durga Puja sideshow at Delhi's Chittaranjan Park

People stand in a long queue to enter a Durga Puja pandal at Chittaranjan Park, or CR Park, in New Delhi.

The beach life hangover.

Dozens of hawkers, often standing alone or with their family members, occupy the streets at CR Park to grab a piece of the customer pie that big stalls inside the pandals have already taken.

Every day is the same day.

Leftovers from the night.

Durga Puja is incomplete without food, lots of it. 

The curious case of many Benjamin Buttons.

Road to gastronomy.

Two friends, Revathi and Shobana, settle for the usual paani-puri serving at CR Park's market No. 1 after they couldn't enter their choice of pandals due to a heavy rush.

CR Park's only woman battery-rickshaw driver. Forgot to ask her name.

One for his memory card.

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