See pics: Coldest day in Delhi in 119 years

Greater Kailash Part 1

December 30, 2019 is the coldest day in Delhi since 1901, or in 119 years, according to the weather office. At a day temperature of 9 degree Celsius - it doesn’t look much compared to the cold in the hills - the only thing the city seems to be discussing is the weather, which usually is a topic found in small talks. This time people are discussing the weather for real.

The experts are saying the air quality has also worsened to “severe” category, whatever it means. People are still smoking and having chai outside, and they seem to be enjoying it.

Homeless people and security guards who must stay awake in the cold are burning firewood. There’s a bonfire every 20 steps you take in Delhi. The PM2.5 experts cannot do anything about it. They could be lynched or something. How can they, just because they can afford a fancy room heater, be so heartless to deny the poor warmth in this cold? There was some government order that banned burning firewood in the city. That can be forgotten now.

The election in Delhi is less than 60 days away.

CR Park market No. 3

CR Park market No. 1

Hazrat Nizamuddin

Bipin Chandra Pal Marg

Greater Kailash Part-2

NDTV, Archana Complex

Greater Kailash Part-1

NDTV, Archana Complex

Aaj kal toh fog chal rahan hai.

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