Paharganj: Living room of backpackers in India

Paharganj, the living room of backpackers in India. The crowded neighbourhood is open till late in the night, making it a top destination for people looking for quick bites.

Paharganj is also a place of hard joints, full of pickpockets and scam artists. Quite often you hear about a tourist's headless body found in a hotel room, and the news would be forgotten as quickly. Other than these minor inconveniences the neighbourhood near Old Delhi is a great place to unwind. Numerous friendly cafes and pocket-friendly watering holes themed on tourism in a layered setting of desi and videshi vibes, makes Paharganj a very interesting place to hang out.   

New Delhi Municipal Council or NDMC, not to be confused with the poor and diseased North Delhi Municipal Corporation, looks after the posh central Delhi areas. When NDMC limits end, that's where you enter the wastelands.

Here's a fellow, curious about what's going on inside Khub Chand & Bros, Delhi's best and oldest pork and sausage shop at Connaught Place.

Here's proof that no matter what cynical politicians tell you about foreign hand in Rafale or Greenpeace or Amnesty, the East India Company and the Raj really left India long ago.