Old Delhi, where nothing is new

Some walls in Old Delhi have been painted in bright colours by pop artists. Fans of the Old Delhi charm have criticised the people who have made the graffiti for damaging what they say is a heritage asset.

Their concern, however, seems to have no sincerity in the sense that a dirty and crumbling place holds no good for anyone, especially those who live there. If given a chance, most people in Old Delhi would move out to a better place. The drains are clogged, thick electricity wires dangle overhead, the buildings might fall any moment, and the stench of rotting garbage is everywhere. Outsiders go to Old Delhi and look at the people there as if they have walked into an exotic zoo, go home and post monochrome photos on Instagram.

But it would be hard to deny that Old Delhi is a shithole. To continue to patronise this place in a romantic way only fuels the artistic lie that privileged connoisseurs of heritage indulge in, instead of talking about the civic disaster that this place is. But let's finish that high tea first... and forget about it.


  1. Excellent captures. Such a different scene there.

  2. What wonderful clicks you have here. And I admire your point of view. Some cities are romanticized way too much and the plight ignored conveniently.


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