A Varanasi morning

Varanasi is wide awake at six in the morning. It is difficult to beat the sun at waking up. It will always be high up in the sky no matter what time of the dawn you head out to the ghats.

During one such walk journey basket bumped into a procession. Having missed seeing the sunrise over the horizon of the Ganga–people say it is spectacular, especially if you are staying at one of those riverbank youth hostels that has a wide terrace–the colourful procession was a consolation.

Look at these guys. They are the original. Total retro, at peace. The real deal, not the fraudster snake babas who ask for money. There is a slight grin on their confident faces. Even The Beatles could not resist it; they packed their bags and came running to India (it is a different matter what happened afterwards). You bring the best retro makeup artist to get you decked up, but you will fail. You cannot match up to these guys.

That look is beyond earthly fashion; it comes from within.

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  1. I'd like to make an humble suggestion. Keeping the dimension of the images constant makes the space proportional and the images look easy on the eye. So if you can do it, it will be great. I'm unsure if you don't like that kind of design. But I have seen some of the photography sites and they follow this same-dimension style. Please do check https://unsplash.com/. If not for this 'tiny' issue, your photographs are, as always, amazing.

    1. [old comment, was too long] You caught me :-) Been trying to find a workaround on this thing. The problem happens while cropping photos and trying to maintain proportions.


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