Jawaharlal Nehru University International Food Festival (Part-I)

French students have taken a cue from their country's President Nicolas Sarkozy on how to rub people just about right. Their stall at the international food festival in Delhi's Jawaharlal Nehru University or JNU served crepe with lots of love. 

Many visitors, especially PhD students of JNU, accepted the proposal.

While stalls of other countries were already heating their food, and some even handing out samples of strange-looking delicacies, Armenia woke up.

Chinese students came in good strength. They huddled together, smiling, asking people to try their 'coke chicken', or pieces of chicken cooked in Coca-Cola. Many people tried it out of curiosity, sort of such as buying Chinese iPhone lookalikes out of curiosity.

The mixed vegetables jar at the Chinese stall.

While visitors munched on, part of the mind must have visualized the Israel-Palestine conflict, while another part prodded the type of spices used in the kebabs.

Our Himalayan neighbour uses a Bob Marley poster to sell momos.

... continued in Part-II


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