Delhi Photo Festival, 2011

Photographer Prabuddha Dasgupta interacts with the audience at the Delhi Photo Festival, 2011, at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. Excerpts from his talk:

"When an author writes a love story, it comes from within. But once it gets out there, if it does not transcend to mean something for the reader then it can be pointless... I think writers have it easy. They make their point and stay firm. But photographers have to face constant questions from viewers about the meaning of their work. You may shoot something and move on without giving much thought, and one day a viewer may say, 'I like what you are trying to tell with that photo.' Or somebody may ask, 'Why is that object not on the left instead of right?' I don't know. It is in my head. That is all I care about."

The organizers assumed that the photo festival, being a niche topic, would attract only a handful of people, and had chosen a conference venue with a seating capacity of 80 people. But at least 200 turned up, plunging the artist talk hour into chaos. But this assembly of a motley bunch of professionals and amateurs hummed along quite nicely, with some of them squatting on the floor and throwing questions.

Postscript: journey basket regrets to inform that Prabuddha Dasgupta died of a heart attack on 12 August 2012. He was 56 years old.