A curious case of unemployment

Rickshaw-pullers in Imphal cover their face while ferrying people about town.

The weather is pleasant. They don't need the piece of cloth to protect their face from the heat. They do it for a different reason—some of them are unemployed graduates.

It's the stigma.


  1. Meiteis have always been the ruler since historical times, so menial work has always been look down upon. Though this may be ok in times long gone I think society should evolve to modern times and have dignity of labour. I don't think there is any shame in doing honest hard work to provide for ones family. The shame will be when people start stealing and robbing which is also rampant in Manipur by calling it a different name.
    This is easier said than done in a society where everyone is having pride of place and everyone is treated equally especially in social gatherings be it 'sorat' or 'luhongba'.
    The issue of unemployment is altogether a different issue which can be discussed in length.
    By the way these pictures are really good but maybe too many.


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